1. Kindle Publisher Pro System

If you've ever thought about publishing your own Kindle books, you need to read this page in full...

Grab This Complete Kindle Publishing Toolkit To Simplify The Process & Fast-Track Your Success

Everything You Need to Write, Publish & Promote Your Kindle Books to Generate a Long-Term Passive Income, Month After Month, On Complete Autopilot

Whether you're a total Kindle Newbie, or you've already published your first book and you just figure there has to be an easier way, this Kindle Publishing Pro Toolkit will save you time and make you more sales than you ever imagined possible. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Why Is Everyone Publishing For Kindle?

It's simple really... Kindle is officially the new online gold rush and here’s why:

  • It's the world’s fastest growing eBook marketplace, jam-packed with hungry buyers – over $23 BILLION Kindle book sales in 2014
  • It's a self-marketing powerhouse... Amazon does the marketing for you in all their marketplaces... almost every country in the planet!
  • It's virtually FREE! There are no upfront costs – you only pay a small fee when your book sells
  • It's mobile friendly… with Kindle you can reach the world’s biggest audience of mobile users on Kindle apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablets, PCs Macs, Blackberry and Android-based devices.
  • That's why thousands of eBook publishers are already using this all-in-one system to totally crush it on Kindle…

The process itself is really quite simple and identical to the one I've been using myself for several years now.  I've brought together all the training, tools and resources I use, and created a fantastic package so you can get started today and start making money as a Kindle Publisher.


Video Training Package

At the core of this package is a set of high quality videos showing you everything you need to know about the Amazon Kindle marketplace, how it works and how you can get your own books published there quickly and easily.


Simple Kindle Formatting

This is where a lot of would-be Kindle publishers come undone because Amazon doesn't exactly make it easy, but I've got some simple step-by-step guides to assist, (plus some cool formatting software as a bonus if you're quick!)


Professional Publishing

This isn't too difficult and by the time you successfully publish your first book or two you'll be an expert, but it pays to take your time and get it right from the start, so I've got information and tools to help with this as well.


Fast-Track Kindle Promotions

This is where most people miss the point... Amazon might handle the sales but you need to do the marketing! The good news is, a few simple one-off steps can get the ball rolling and set your Kindle Sales Machine in motion, so we'll cover each of those for you as well.

In short, I'm going to take you step-by-step through the entire process and give you access to all my private resources, checklists and cheatsheets, to get you up and running fast... and save you from years of trial and error.

The real secret of generating serious Kindle profits is to create a rinse-and-repeat system for publishing and promoting new titles regularly so you can add to your monthly income with each new publication.

Obviously, not all your titles will be best-sellers, but when you have a simple & repeatable system for coming up with new ideas then writing and publishing new books... it's just a matter of working the numbers...  rinse and repeat...

All you need to provide are the ideas.

And realistically... if you have content that could sell as a hard-copy book, it will sell just as well as a Kindle Book ... maybe even better.

The Kindle Publishing Professional shows you step-by-step how to set up your own Online Publishing Business... literally in a weekend... to generate non-stop Kindle Sales month after month on complete autopilot.


"The Kindle Publisher Professional Training"



Module 1:

Learn the key differences between traditional and self publishing, and why they make this such a lucrative entry point for anyone wanting to generate passive publishing income, regardless of previous experience.


Module 2:

This one introduces you to the Kindle Bookstore, what it is and why it's growing so fast! (HINT: You don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books!


Module 3:

Discover who your readers will be, how to identify their main interests and understand what they expect from your books. Armed with this knowledge you'll seriously increase your chances of hitting a home run with your next title!


Module 4:

I'm a big believer in targeting a specialised audience, but you'll need to consider your interests, experience and knowledge and decide if you should target a specific Niche Audience or use other systems to find the best market position for your content.


Module 5:

This one explores the best Kindle pricing strategies and tools built into the Amazon system. There are a lot of options here and some work much better than others... and some should be avoided at all costs... so you're sure to be surprised at what's revealed in this one!


Module 6:

Module 6 looks at the Professional or Self Editing approaches. Both  have their own pros and cons, but regardless of what you decide, you will save time by determining what's going to work best for you before you start, based on your long term strategy.


Module 7:

No matter how good your writing might be, you'll always struggle ot make sales if you don't get your eCover right. This module looks at ways to create Attention Grabbing eCovers and the 4 essential roles they must perform to maximize your sales.


Module 8:

Here we look at specific Advertising Techniques you can use to promote your Kindle ebook far beyond the Amazon website. Most of these are one-off promotions... things that most authors won't do...  so it's extremely powerful stuff if you do it right!


Module 9:

Practical step-by-step demonstration shows you how to publish your eBook on the all important KDI Network. There's a couple of useful shortcuts and a few rookie mistakes you'll want to avoid, and you'll be an expert by the end!


Module 10:

The final presentation recaps everything we've covered and brings it all together in a logical and easily repeatable way. Watch carefully for some valuable final tips and suggestions.

These short, concise presentations walk you through every step of the process and will have you ready to publish before you know it.

But it get's even better...

We're going to throw in some additional reference guides, software and resources to ensure you have everything you need to get started immediately. These bonuses are limited so don't leave it too long if you're interested!

Kindle Publisher Pro Fast-Action Bonuses!

Bonus 1: KPP Complete Guide

Videos are great but often it's better to have a written guide to refer to. This handy guide contains all the info from the videos and then some, so you'll have the information you need at your finger tips.

Bonus 2: Amazon Navigator

Complete guide to selling your products on Amazon. This guide picks up where Kindle Publisher Professional leaves off, and shows you the ins and out of the entire Amazon marketplace.

Bonus 3: eCover Templates Pack

The virtual cover you put on your book will have a major impact on your results, so we're including 6 sample eCover templates to get you started. These are full PSD files so you can quickly and easily create your own compelling eCovers.

Bonus 4: Kindle Publisher Pro Software

This all-in-one software allows you to create, format and publish your Kindle books to the live marketplace all within one central control panel. No need to learn coding or waste days going back and forth with the Kindle approval team. (Windows Only!)

Bonus 5: Pro Resource Kit

Includes a detailed Amazon Publisher Checklist, Author's Guide To Amazon Services, KPP Process Maps and our ePublishers Resources Directory. All in all, everything you need to get published in the shortest possible time!

Are you starting to see how you could put this package to work immediately, and start your own self-publishing business on Amazon?

I do realize this is a lot to take in, but I do want you see for yourself just how easy it can be. So I'm going to take on all the risk here...



Lock-In Lifetime Access Now!

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  •     Kindle Publisher Pro Guide
  •     Amazon Navigator eBook
  •     Professional eCover Templates
  •     Kindle Publisher Pro Software
  •     Kindle Publisher Mind Map
  •     Amazon Publisher Checklist
  •     Author's Guide To Amazon Services
  •     ePublishers Resource Directory

I also understand that I am fully covered by your 30-day, money back guarantee, so I can order now, absolutely Risk-Free!

By acting now I get this entire package for $97 $47 just $27 and I'll be able to access everything and get started immediately... even if it's 2am!

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Please Note: This low price and the amazing bonuses are available for a strictly limited time only. Please do not count on them being here if you leave now and come back later...

Thanks very much for your interest and taking the time to read all this info. I really do believe this is package is exceptional value and you will find it delivers everything you need to grab your share of this massive marketplace.

Warm regards,

Brad Stephens

P.S. Don't be fooled into thinking only How-To books sell on Amazon. If you can find it in hard-cover you can sell it as a Kindle. Just take a look through the Amazon Top Sellers lists in any category for hundreds of book ideas.

For the photographers & artists coming through, that means Picture eBooks are a totally untapped market! And now you can do it all yourself without outlaying a pile of cash.

For everyone else, that means any interest or hobby or expertise is a potential earner. What do people ask you for help with? Get started now and we'll show you how to convert that knowledge into ongoing passive income!



P.P.S. With Kindle you have one of the world’s largest companies on your side.

Amazon.com is like a giant JV Partner who WANTS to see you publish as many books as you can. And in return they will market the heck out of your books for you, and take a small cut of the sale. So it’s in their best interests to have you on-board, publishing new titles regularly and making lots of sales. The more money you make, the more money they make!

There’s not too many opportunities around where you’ll get a partner like that, who’ll literally help you grow your business.